Technology enables us to connect to anyone in the world, whenever we want. More technology means less face to face interaction. BOTY uses our mobile app to to encourage and support human interaction in bar.

BOTY reconnects people face to face at the center of connectivity, the bar. The bar is where people go to have genuine interactions, real conversations and to socialize in person. BOTY uses our mobile app to encourage and support human interaction in bars.

The BOTY Life podcast is an online radio program that brings real perspectives to everyday and not-so-everyday life topics dealing with the bar scene. The show’s goal is to always bring awareness and humor about the topics being discussed.Tune in…


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Brian Turner


Brian Turner (also known as “DjBTurnin”), plays the music and is the host for the BOTY LIfe podcast. He was born and raised in the Washington, DC and currently resides in Miami, FL. He is the Founder & CEO of BOTY, which is a mobile app and community connecting people at the bar.  Brian loves the bar and he mentors aspiring business owners to help them realize their dreams of entrepreneurship.

Jenna Martel

Jenna is the Sales & Marketing Coordinator at BOTY. She is the co-host of the BOTY Life podcast and she shares her love for the bar and add the bartender perspective to the discussion. With over 10 years experience behind the bar, she’s pretty much seen it all!!

Mychal Fakir

Mychal Fakir is the Founder/ Creative Specialist at 6 Wolves LLC and Graphic Designer at BOTY. He is the co-host of the BOTY Life podcast and he enjoys contributing from the consumer perspective. He hopes to provide insight that changes the way people view and interact at the bar.



Ochieng Asugo

Ochieng Asugo is a consistent guest on the BOTY Life podcast and is a native of the Washington, DC metro area. Ochieng is a certified personal trainer and when he is not helping clients live healthy lifestyles, he is working on his other love, acting.

Allison DelVecchio

Allison lives in Queens, New York and has been bartending for ten years. She loves bars, booze, and writing about bars and booze.

Patrice Cameau

She is the owner of CAMPspace®, a cowork and private event rental venue. She is committed to building out millennial-friendly entrepreneurial ecosystems across the globe and believe that we all have some creative prowess that should be shared with the world.

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